Carolina Gold Construction

Stamped Concrete Contractors in Columbia, Lexington, SC and Surrounding Areas. 

We Specialize in Laying, Stamping, and Staining Beautiful Concrete.   

We're locally owned with over 25 years of experience between our concrete experts. Our work quality, and masonry knowledge speaks for itself and we proudly do concrete for both residential and commercial clients. 


Stamped concrete adds a luxury feel to any backyard scape. With several patterns to choose from, there is something to appeal to almost anybody and any outdoor scape. 

Our stamped concrete is long lasting, a designed to wow your guests. We offer turn key on all projects, meaning that we do everything, from leveling, to pouring, to finishing to stamping and sealing, and clean-up. We leave your space looking more beautiful than we found it. 

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Why choose us to do your stamped concrete?

  • Financing.

    • That's right! Save those hard earned dollars, and get the stamped concrete of your dreams at an affordable monthly payment.

  • We're Professional.

    • We're a licensed general contractor for both residential and commercial projects. Not moonlighters, part-timers, or fly-by-nighters. 

  • We stand behind our work.

    • We lay concrete that we're proud to put our name on, and our customers our proud to show off.   

What Other Concrete Services Do We Offer?


  • Demolition of old, or existing concrete.  

  • Driveway replacements, and Extensions 

  • Walkway and Sidewalk replacements.

  • Patios. 

  • Boat ramps.

  • And More!

Ready to chat with somebody about it? Give us a ring at 803-951-0803

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Common questions we get asked about stamped concrete:

  • Isn't it no different than pavers?​​

    • It's completely different! We can mimic the look of stone, without you ever having to worry about grass and weeds growing up between it, or it eventually becoming unlevel with frost upheave and general settling of the earth.

  • Can my existing concrete be stamped?

    • No we cannot stamp your existing concrete, or pour concrete over it. Stamping is a process that takes place when the concrete reaches a certain workability before it completely hardens. Additionally, any new concrete must be poured onto graded earth.

  • But it's a lot more upkeep right?

    • Less upkeep than a traditional lumber deck, and it will last longer too. Our stamped concrete is sealed before completion to look shiny. Over time that sealer will wear away and the appearance will become more dull. Usually every 2-5 years, you will need to reseal it to restore its radiance.