Carolina Gold Construction

We here at Carolina Gold Construction, design and build beautiful, custom decks for all budgets and lifestyles and proudly serve, Lexington, Columbia and surrounding areas. 

We're locally owned with over 25 years of experience between our carpenters. Our work quality, and carpentry knowledge speaks for itself.

There are two types of decks that we frenquently build.

  1. Traditional treated wood decks

  2. Composite or wood-look decking. 

A treated wood deck, with multi-directional steps on a brick house.

Traditional Wooden Decks. 

This the most common type of deck that our customers choose. It is also the most cost effective option to add an outdoor living space onto the back of your home. Traditional wooden decks have a typical lifespan of 10-15 years, and even longer if property maintained and re-stained every few years. 

A traditinal wooden deck, with metal railing and eclosed bottom.

How Much Does A Deck Cost?

Great question! And the answer is, it depends. There are several things we consider when getting together an estimate for a deck project. 

  1. How big of a deck are you looking to have built? 

  2. Is it traditional wood or composite?

  3. Is there anything in your design that would be a speciality?

  4.  Do you have a design in mind, or would you want us to design it?

  5. If choosing traditional decking, will you want us to stain and seal it? 

A second story, composite deck overlooking an inground swimming pool

Composite Decks

Composite deck boards are man-made and are comprised of recycled wood and plastic fragments. They are extremely durable and impervious to rot, mold and insect damage making their lifespan much longer than traditional wood options. The initial cost of a composite deck exceeds that of a traditional wood deck, however the additional expense more than pays for itself because of the lack of constant maintenance. 

Does Composite Decking look good?

Yes! In fact, they are the most popular type of deck on the market today because of their modern feel, and the color and style options offered. 

Elevated wood deck, with pergola topper.

What If I'm Still Not Sure Of My Budget?

Even if you ask yourself those five questions, we understand that you still may not have a firm budget in mind. That’s okay, we get it. That’s why you’re here. Our estimating process takes that into consideration with our 4 step process: 


  1.  Plugging all 5 answers in and generating you an estimate.

  2. You consider the proposal and decide whether it’s within your budget. 

  3. You accept or reject. 

  4. If rejected, we try to come up with a better solution to fit the budget that you have. 

High rise wood deck, connected to a screend in porch with bi-directioal staircase steps.

We have many clients who walk away happy owners of custom decks that are slightly different than what they originally wanted, but at a price that stayed well within their budget. 


When you reach out to us, you are automatically considered a valued customer, and we’ll work with you, to the best of our abilities, to accommodate any budget and make sure you get the deck you’ve been wanting. 

Why else should you choose us to build your deck?

  • We're licensed and insured contractors. No moonlighters, or part-timers. We are professionals, and we do this for a living.

  • We'll call, or email you back promptly, and most importantly, show up to our scheduled estimates. Your time is important, and your business is important to us.  

  • We stand behind all of our work, and we complete jobs in FULL. If it’s not right, or if you aren’t happy, we fix it. That’s why we have a 4.7 star business rating between Google, and Facebook.

  • And as stated above, we will make every effort to accommodate every budget. 

Ready to chat with somebody about your dream deck?