Carolina Gold Construction

Concrete Driveway Contractors in Columbia, Lexington, SC and Surrounding Areas. 

We specialize in driveway removal, replacement and extensions of all sizes. 


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Chances are, you're here because your driveway is old, cracking, dipping and generally un-level, or you've got way too many cars to fit on it. Even the best of concrete wears out. Kids grow up and start driving. And sometimes boats and campers show up too. We get it.

So Why Choose us to do your Driveway?

  • Financing.

    • That's right! Save those hard earned dollars, and get the driveway you need at an affordable monthly payment.

  • We're Professional.

    • We're a licensed and insured business. Not moonlighters, part-timers, or fly-by-nighters. 

  • We stand behind our work.

    • We build decks that we're proud to put our name on, and our customers our proud to show off.